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Stunning eyelash extensions in Chatham, North Kent

Add definition to your face with eyelash extensions from 35 Beautician. We offer quality eyelash extensions at fantastic prices.

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Enhance the beauty of your eyes with eyelash extensions Chatham

At 35 Beautician, we offer various lash extensions such as; strip lashes and volume lashes. If you want eyelash extensions Chatham you can easily come to our salon. Our dazzling eyelash extensions are available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses for you to choose from. And what can be better than having a dark, long, fluttery eyelashes that can make you feel bold and confident at the same time? You can count on us to provide you with lash extensions Chatham that will perfectly blend with your own lashes. To book an appointment with our lash artists, contact now.

Get Long and voluminous eyelashes with lash lifting Chatham

Do you wish you have lash lift Chatham? We have a group of expert who is skilled in their work and won’t disappoint you. Get in touch with 35 Beauticians for lash lift Chatham.


We can also tint, wax and tweeze your brow to create the perfect shape. Call us for more details.

We’re a great choice for:

Eyelash extensions

  • Volume lashes

  • Remove volume lashes

  • Individual Lash Extension

  • Individual Infill From

    Awesome and professional Clipper

  • Hybrid lashes

  • Russian lashes

  • Lash lift + tint

    (Timing 45 to 50 minutes)

  • Brow lamination+tint

    (Timing 45 to 50 minutes)


Wondering ‘Where Can I Get Professional Eyelash Extensions Near Me? You’re at the Right Place!

Eyelash extension is the new trend for women of every genre as it works well for every age, lifestyle and ethnicity. Today, having voluminous and lifted eyelashes is equally important as having glossy red lips. Eyelash extensions are considered one of the most soothing beauty treatments available in beauty salons. You just have to lie down with your eyes shut for about 1 hour and when you open your eyes, you will have nice, voluminous, lifted and naturally-curled eyelashes. Eyelash extension reduces the amount of time taken by women to prepare themselves before going for an outing or party. The demand for lash lifts and extensions is growing rapidly among women making it a new generation trend in the field of fashion and lifestyle.

If you’re hunting for a professional ‘eyelash extensions near me’ in Chatham, you’ve hit the right place. Centered in Chatham, 35 Beautician has been the most trusted and professional beauty salon that offers a plethora of beauty treatments and unparalleled customer service to its clients in Chatham and around North Kent. 35 Beautician is specially known for the best eyelash extensions Chatham service provider as it has achieved 100% customer satisfaction by giving no chance to its clients to complain about their eyelash extensions Chatham service.

How Long Does Eyelash Extensions Chatham Process Take?

Eyelash extension process generally takes about 1-2 full hours since an extension is attached to each and every eyelash present over your eyes. 35 Beautician is a stellar beauty salon in Chatham that provides the best eyelash extensions Chatham service to its clients at reasonable pricing. Our experts give you the freedom to choose the length and thickness of your eyelashes to match your face structure. With our lash lift Chatham service, you won’t feel the weight of the eyelashes, as unlike strip false eyelashes, these will be applied to your own eyelashes. This makes them much lighter creating the most dramatic, captivating, and long-lasting effect.

How Long Will Eyelash Extensions Chatham Last?

Most women barely have enough time and patience to use an eyelash curler or apply fakes eyelashes every time they go for an outing. So, it’s no more a surprise that eyelash extensions or lash lift Chatham have gained popularity over the recent years. However, these are just semi-permanent solutions which can be maintained for an year-round with timely touch-ups every three to four weeks. Applying half set of lashes is a cheaper alternative to achieve similar dramatic effect or specialized look.

Our proficient and well-trained lash experts understand that everyone has different lashes and so they take great care to maintain the length or thickness of eyelashes depending on the condition of your original lashes. Our lash experts recommend that if you’re doing eyelash extensions Chatham for the first time, you should start with a half set as it’d be easy to remove lashes if they do not work for you.

Enhance Your Beauty with Our Professional Lash Lift Chatham Service

Eyelash extensions have become of the beauty tend that is never going to be out of fashion for ages. Lash lift has made the lives of women much easier as they don’t have to spend long a time over enhancing their eyelashes to look beautiful every day. After applying eyelash extensions, you don’t need to apply mascara, as your eyelashes look as perfect as after putting on mascara. Moreover, you can do anything that you like, you can swim, have shower, or do exercise without worrying about any lash debris. However, you have to visit ‘eyelash extensions near me’ every four to six weeks for timely touch-ups to extend its longevity. To get the best eyelash extensions Chatham, head straight to 35 Beauticians where you’ll meet licensed and experienced lash technicians who will apply eyelash extensions expertly and safely. They will take great care while applying lash extensions to prevent any kind of eye infection. Additionally, our experts use high-quality and genuine eyelash extensions and glues that cause no harm to your eyes or allergic reactions.

What Can You Expect from Our Eyelash Extensions Chatham Service?

  • 100% genuine and high-quality products and equipment
  • A team of licensed and experienced lash experts
  • Assured safety and quality
  • Long-lasting and natural-looking eyelash extensions Chatham
  • Affordable pricing

At 35 Beautician, we have a modern approach to beauty and aesthetics. We give personalized attention to each client to make sure that they have the best experience and get complete satisfaction with our eyelash extension Chatham service.

We are confident that our expert lash lift Chatham service won’t disappoint you. 35 Beautician is a one-stop-destination for all the beautiful people out there in Chatham and around North Kent.

Get ready to get a new look with our 35 Beautician – the most beloved ‘eyelash extensions near me’ service provider in Chatham.

Looking for professional beauty therapist in Chatham? Call us 35 Beautician on 01634786722 and 07888061978

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