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Your trusted nail salon in Chatham

Do you want fabulous looking nails? Contact the nail technicians at 35 Beautician and indulge in a manicure and pedicure. You can rely on us for aftercare advice as well.

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Our nail salon Chatham will give you the perfect manicure and pedicure

If you are searching for a reputed nail salon Chatham then 35 Beautician is the right place for you. 35 Beautician has gained a trusted reputation for a range of nail treatments. You will get Shellac Chatham, and nail extensions.

Our salon can also be your one stop destination for gel nail Chatham. Even if you want to try various type of manicure Chatham and pedicure Chatham just come to us and we will fix this for you. You’ll be glad to know that we use high-quality products in our nail salon Chatham. Beautify your nails with our stunning manicure Chatham. Pamper yourself with our pedicure Chatham. We can ensure you that you won’t get disappointed. High quality product is not only limited to manicure and pedicure we also use them for shellac Chatham. Do you want to have perfect gel nail Chatham? If you are located anywhere in North Kent, visit our salon today to speak to our nail technicians.

Our Nalis Service Available

Give your hands and feet the love and care they deserve with quality nail services from 35 Beautician. Both women and men can enjoy a manicure and pedicure. With us, you can have your nails done just the way you like them.
If you’ve got a special event coming up, don’t just stop at your nails!

Our Pricing Plans

Nail Painting

  • File and paint for hand

  • File and paint for feet

  • Shellac for hand

  • Shellac for feet

  • Shellac Removal



  • Mini Manicure

    File, Cuticle Work and Paint

  • Standard Manicure

    File, Soak, Cuticle Work, Scrub and Paint

  • Luxary Manicure

    File, Soak, Cuticle Work, Scrub, Message and Paint



  • Mini Pedicure

    File, Cuticle Work and Paint

  • Standard Pedicure

    File, Soak, Cuticle Work, Scrub and Paint

  • Luxury Pedicure

    File, Soak, Cuticle Work, Scrub, Message and Paint


Give Your Nails the Treatment They Deserve at the Best Nail Salon Chatham – 35 Beautician

If you aspire for long, well-shaped, and beautiful nails, then do visit the best nail salon Chatham – 35 Beautician once. We are one of the best nail salons in Chatham where you’ll discover how art meets beauty through creative nail art designs and polishing done at our one and only nail shop Chatham. We have a team of well-trained and experienced nail technicians that offers you a diversified range of nail care services from nail artwork, acrylic, shellac gel nail Chatham, nail extensions to full manicure and pedicure Chatham treatments under one roof. We use 100% original, top-quality nail polish and other branded products such as Artistic Nail Design, OPI, Creative, Shellac Chatham to make sure your nails look classic and stylish.

Do you need a nail makeover? Book your appointment now with one of the best nail salons in Chatham.

A Professional Nail Shop Chatham Offers a Wide Spectrum of Nail Care Services

Nail Painting Chatham

At 35 Beautician, your choice of nail color is our command. From nail filing to painting, gel nail Chatham to Shellac Chatham, acrylic nail to removal, our nail technicians do everything to make sure your nails look beautiful.

Manicure Chatham

As one of the stellar nail salons Chatham, we offer our signature manicure Chatham treatments, using moisturizing gel or polish. We also do color refreshing with polish so your nails look fresh and new. Our manicure Chatham treatment generally takes between 30-45 minutes; however, color refreshing takes about 20 minutes depending on the condition of nails. So, if you want to give your nails a pampered treatment, get manicure Chatham treatment at one of the best nail salons in Chatham.

Pedicure Chatham

Over the years, we’ve been serving our clients with the best manicure and pedicure Chatham treatments. So, if you’re searching for the ‘best pedicure near me in Chatham’, our beauty salon will appear in the top search results of the ‘best pedicure near me’ in and around the Chatham area. Our pedicure Chatham treatment comes in Mini, Standard, and Luxury pedicure packages at the most affordable prices. We are located in the heart of the city, so you can easily find us on the map for top beauty salons for a pedicure near me in Chatham.  

Nail Extensions Chatham

Are you searching for the ‘best nail salon near me’ in Chatham? 35 Beautician is the place to be. We provide a wide array of nail care treatments to give your nails the best they deserve. One of the highest in-demand nail treatments is our nail extension service as everyone wants to flaunt their beautiful nails. As a professional nail salon Chatham, we also offer gel and acrylic nail extensions for hands and feet to our clients.

Nails Overlays Chatham

Give your nails a delightful experience at the one of the best nail salons in Chatham. At 35 Beautician, we hold mastery in nail care services. If you’re searching for a ‘multi-treatment nail salon near me’ in the Chatham Kent area, 35 Beautician is your premier go-to place. Our nail technicians are also expert at doing gel and acrylic nail overlays for both hands and feet.

Nails Refills Chatham

If you do not want to do gel or acrylic removal every time, you may go for nail refilling at one of the well-known nail salons in Chatham Kent. Our nail experts will file off the existing nail paint and clear up any lifting. They further make sure your nails are free from bacteria or infection. After that, they fill in the gap around the cuticles. Lastly, when it hardens, our experts will file to shape the nails and put nail paint of your choice. Being a professional nail shop Chatham, we recommend our clients to get nail refills from time to time and practice after-care tips to protect your nails from bacterial infections.

Bespoke Nail Art Chatham

Get stunning nail art designs and painting at the best nail salon Chatham. From classic to glittery nails, we can give your boring nails an attractive and aesthetic look that will surely fetch you compliments from your beholders. As an experienced nail shop Chatham, we also specialize in doing various nail art designs such as glitter nails, 3D and 4D nails, chrome nails, Swarovski nails, ombre nails, and many more.

Why Do I Need to Go to Nail Salon Near Me?

Taking care of your nails is a good habit and if nail care is a part of your daily grooming regime, then you should consider visiting one of the best nail salons Chatham periodically. There are several reasons why you should consider going to a ‘nail salon near me’ in your area. Healthy nail habits prevent drying of your skin, smoothens the uneven areas, and reduces the tendency to contact ingrown finger and toenails. If you care about your nails, you’d certainly not go for amateur nail treatment. You will rather choose an experienced and professional ‘nail salon near me’ to get the best nail care services. However, in the horde of thousands of nail salons Chatham, finding an authentic and professional nail salon Chatham can be a bit of a struggle. Read ahead to find how you can choose the perfect nail salon in Chatham Kent area.

Common Tips to Choose a Professional Nail Shop Chatham

  1. Salon license

When shortlisting nail salons near me, you should consider checking if they all are issued with a practice license. 35 Beautician is an authorized and licensed beauty salon that abides by the hygiene standards. Moreover, we employ only licensed and certified nail technicians, so you can be assured of high-quality and professional nail care services at 35 Beautician.

  1. Advanced Experience

Checking relevant years of experience in different nail treatments can narrow down your search for nail shops near me. Therefore, while choosing one from several nail salons near me, make sure the salon has esteemed years of experience in nail care services and employs a team of experienced and well-trained nail technicians.

At 35 Beautician, we employ only the best to offer you with the best experience.

  1. Clean and hygienic workplace

Just as God resides in a healthy body, best nail treatments can take place at clean and hygienic nail salons near me. Being one of the most trusted nail salons Chatham, we make sure our workplace is clean and hygienic so that our clients can relax and indulge in the treatments without fearing the risks of infections.

  1. Sterilized tools and equipment

It’s the responsibility of every professional nail technician to keep sterilized devices at their workplace. This prevents the spread of bacteria and reduces the risk of infection. So, whether you’re looking to get manicure Chatham or pedicure Chatham treatments, you must take this seriously when choosing nail salons near me. At 35 Beautician, our nail technicians make sure all the tools and equipment are sterilized after each use.

Enhance Your Nails at Our Professional Nail Salon Chatham

Centered in Chatham, 35 Beautician has emerged as a leading beauty salon and spa for customers living in Chatham and around North Kent. Over the year, we have achieved a fantastic track record of complete satisfaction with our nail care and other beauty services. We are a team of experienced and licensed beauty specialists offering a diversified range of beauty treatments.

If you wish to flaunt your beautiful nails like a celeb, get in touch with our professional nail technicians who will impress you with their mesmerizing nail art designs, treatments, and expert after-care guidance.

What Sets Us Different from Other Nail Salons Chatham?

  • A team of licensed and well-trained nail technicians
  • Strong time-management skills
  • Prompt Response
  • 100% sterilized tools and equipment
  • Beautiful environment
  • Expert nail care services
  • Original and High-quality products from top personal care brands
  • Affordable pricing

At 35 Beautician, your demand is our command. Our dedicated nail technicians are looking forward to seeing you at 35 Beautician!

Looking for professional beauty therapist in Chatham? Call us 35 Beautician on 01634786722 and 07888061978

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