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35 Beautician is dedicated to offering professional beauty treatments combined with excellent customer service. Our team of qualified beauticians are committed to providing quality beauty services at reasonable prices. You can treat yourself to one of our treatments which includes manicures, facials, massages and waxing. Based in Chatham, we also welcome customers in and around North Kent.

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A New Look Awaits You at 35 Beautician – Your Professional Hairdresser Chatham

Are you bored of styling the same lewk every day? Has your hair turned dry, dull, and brittle? Hunting for a ‘professional hairdresser near me’ in the Chatham area? Well, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be!

Having your signature look is good but dressing up as usual becomes super-boring at some point of time. Whether it’s your outfit, jewelry pieces or hairstyle, you should always try something new to stand out from the crowd. At 35 Beautician, we aim at making you look and feel special today and everyday. This is exactly why we offer a diversified range of professional and quality services in our salon. From full hair coloring to highlighting, haircuts to bridal hairstyling, achieving a new look and perfect hair color shade has become easier than ever before at 35 Beautician.

We have a team of expert hairdressers Chatham who are highly-qualified and years of experience in hairdressing. They’re friendly and love speaking to clients, learning about their hair goals and offering the best solutions to meet their goals. When you choose one of our expert hairdressers Chatham, we’re confident you won’t be disappointed. At 35 Beautician, our brilliant team of top-notch hairdressers Chatham will welcome you with a wide smile the minute you enter our salon.

How to Choose the Best Hairdresser Near Me in Chatham?

Everyone wants to flaunt their long, thick, healthy and shiny hair. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right hairdresser near me in Chatham, there are certain important factors that may influence your choice of ‘hairdresser near me’. If you’re picky and care for your hair as hell, then finding the best ‘hairdresser near me’ is not going to be so easy.

Here are a few important questions that you need to ask yourself when choosing the best ‘hair salon near me’ or ‘hairdresser near me’.

  • Is the hair salon near me famous?

If you’ve come across a hairdresser or hair salon through word of mouth, then certainly it certainly has impressed its clients and that’s why they are appreciating it. If you think that you should learn more about that ‘hair salon near me’, you may ask your friends, family members, or even neighbors who have been at the salon.

  • Can I find a hair salon near me online?

The best way to search for your perfect hairdresser is to type ‘best hairdressers near me’ in Google’s search box and it will provide you with a list of top hairdressers Chatham (if you’re in Chatham). So, you can easily browse and learn about the best hairdressers in Chatham.

  • What people are saying about the hairdresser near me?

Well, the answer to this question can be given by its clients’ feedback and testimonials. You may check for clients’ reviews of the ‘hairdresser near me’ on various online listing platforms and learn what people are saying about the salon. You may also check how their behavior is with the clients by reading their responses to their unhappy clients.

  • Can I schedule an appointment with the hairdresser near me?

Once you gather information about your chosen hairdresser Chatham, you would like to approach and speak to them about making appointments with them. If your hairdresser does not have time to schedule your appointment, you’ll probably look elsewhere until you find the best hair care services. A well-established and professional hair salon will always invite its clients and provide better services than newbies.

  • Are they able to understand my hair goals?

For getting the best results, effective communication is the key. Make sure your chosen hairdresser Chatham is friendly and understands your requirements correctly. If the hairdresser is able to understand your hair goals, you’ll receive the best hair treatment that won’t stop you from flaunting your soft and healthy hair.

  • Will the hairdresser near me be able to keep up with time?

The hairdresser Chatham you choose should have great time-management skills so that you don’t have to wait too long for your turn. This is one of the major concerns of those who lead an active lifestyle and cannot afford unnecessary delays.

  • Do they offer an all-inclusive hair treatment service?

Always look for a hair salon that provides you with multitudes of hair treatment services including haircutting, hair coloring and highlighting, hair spa, keratin treatment, and more so that you are able to enjoy various treatments under one roof.

  • Are their hair treatment prices affordable?

Budget remains the principal consideration when looking for an ideal hairdresser Chatham. The prices of various hair treatments vary by different salons and locations. If you’re low on budget or want an at-home service, you should consider their charges and make your decision accordingly. You may also compare prices with other salons and choose the one that fits your budget and convenience.

Wondering Why Choose 35 Beautician?

Because We Have All the Qualities of a Professional Hairdresser Chatham

Picking an ideal hair salon is not only about choosing the ‘hair salon near me’. It’s beyond what you think. It’s about choosing the one that helps you achieve your hair goals within your budget. Moreover, you should be able to find someone with whom you can be comfortable and share your problems without any hesitation. The hairdresser should be able to understand your requirements and work towards enhancing your overall look with their best services.

At 35 Beautician, we’re passionate about giving you a new look – a look that will make you feel confident about it. As one of the ideally-located hairdressers Chatham, 35 Beautician has been serving its clients for many years and with time, it has grabbed and retained numerous clients in Chatham and around North Kent.

Our hair salon is a place where we want our clients to feel at home and indulge in a heavenly experience. With our perfect setting and beautiful environment, we make sure our clients feel relaxed and positive every time they visit our salon.

Whether you’re looking for a quick haircut, hair coloring, bridal hairstyling, complete restyling or hair strengthening treatment, our fabulous team of hairdressers Chatham can help you with a wide range of hair treatments.

At 35 Beautician, we use a wide range of high-quality and salon-exclusive haircare products made with effective ingredients and technologies that gives the best results on your hair. These products have the most delicious fragrances that offer a pleasant fragrance experience for our customers.

With our best-in-class hair care services for healthy and beautiful hair available, we aim at providing services worth your value. We offer seasonal discount deals from time to time so that you can enjoy the premium level of hair care service at the most affordable price.

So, if your hair needs the love and care they deserve, get your hair treated at 35 Beautician from an expert team of hairdressers Chatham.

Looking for professional beauty therapist in Chatham? Call us 35 Beautician on 01634786722 and 07888061978

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